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Developer Experience Audits.

Let us audit and benchmark your existing Developer Experience to identify friction and provide actionable insights for your Developer Journey.


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What is Developer Experience?

Developer Experience (DX) is the experience developers have when interacting with your brand, product, and documentation. Getting your Developer Experience (DX) right is the most important factor in converting your engagement with developers into adoption of your product, a process often called onboarding.

Adoption is the holy grail. It’s that decision point where a developer shifts from experimentation to deciding to use your product in their production environment. It’s also likely the point where they become a paying customer.

A frictionless Developer Experience that leads the developer to adoption is a significant differentiator for a successful Developer Relations program. We’ve witnessed this in companies like Stripe who obsessively focused on having a great Developer Experience while doing little marketing outreach.

Unfortunately, the Developer Experience (DX) is easily messed up and often neglected. If this is the first time a developer sees your product in detail and tries it, if there is significant friction, you may lose them forever. The developer may be ready for you, but is your product ready for the developer?

The six points of friction we see most often are:

  1. Poor technical documentation.

  2. Lack of a developer portal/website.

  3. Lack of an official forum or community space.

  4. Mandatory commitments, e.g., entering contact information to access resources.

  5. Lack of GitHub repo descriptions.

  6. Insufficient trial periods.

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What we provide.

Our developers, marketing, and sales experts review your developer website, documentation, resources, and products. Just like prospective developers would.

We pre-agree on several test scenarios, which typically entail achieving a “Hello World proof of concept or similar foundational tasks like encoding a video, moving cryptocurrency from one account to another, or invoking an API.

We configure the parameters of each scenario. This includes defining the testers' awareness of the problem space, the technologies involved, their awareness of your brand and products, and the questions they seek to answer as they move through your Developer Experience.

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A key tool we use to conduct these audits is our Developer Journey Map, which has become the de facto standard framework amongst Developer Relations practitioners. We track the progress made for each scenario against the Journey Map, documenting the direction of travel and the touch points used, rate each experience, and provide observations and actionable recommendations.


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The Developer Journey

The Developer Journey Map is a visualization that identifies the path a developer follows and experiences

You can spend all the money in the world marketing to developers, tweeting, and sponsoring events to get attention, but when developers reach your site and interact with your documentation and product, you will lose them if you can’t meet their DX expectations.

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You will receive a detailed Developer Experience Friction Tool (DEFT) Audit, typically around 80 - 100 pages, containing your custom Developer Journey Maps, a complete log of our observations, key findings, and actionable recommendations. We will host a post-report Q&A session with you and any additional stakeholders you wish to include. We present our key findings and answer any questions you have.

The Developer Experience Friction Tool (DEFT) Audit gives you an independent expert opinion on the state of your Developer Experience, identifying the key friction points hindering your product's adoption, which makes the report incredibly actionable. You'll want to do it regularly.

To discuss how we can help elevate your Developer Experience, get in touch.

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