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Survey Insights: Decoding DevRel Salaries

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Welcome to the dynamic world of Developer Relations, where tech meets community, and the code is only as strong as the relationships built around it. If you're a DevRel professional, you're a communicator, an educator, and a bridge between developers, your technical product, and the companies you work with. But are you getting compensated for the multifaceted skills you bring to the table? Let's dive into the recently released 10th Annual State of DevRel Report and unravel the mysteries behind DevRel salaries.

The Numbers Game: Salaries & Compensation

The first thing that catches the eye in this report is the impressive rise in compensation. The median base salary is now a solid $175,000, with an average of $167,088 (reporting is USD). That's a 10% increase compared to last year. But what about the total package? The median total compensation, with encompassing bonuses and perks, now stands at $200,121, an 11% increase from the $180K recorded in 2022.

Now, let's talk bonuses. The average value of bonuses, RSUs, and perks has climbed to $58,006, marking a significant 34.7% increase from the base salary. But here's the twist – the Standard Deviation of total compensation is a whopping $138,040, suggesting that not everyone is cashing in on those extra perks. In fact, 27.2% of respondents reported no bonus at all.

Gender Identity and Pay: Breaking the Mold

Surprisingly, the report reveals that average and median base salaries were higher for female respondents than for male counterparts. Non-binary respondents took the lead, likely influenced by a smaller sample size and location factors. It's a fascinating discovery challenging the conventional gender pay gap narrative.

Total Compensation Over Time: Riding the Wave

Taking a trip down memory lane, average total compensation hovered around $125K for three of the last six years. However, we see that compensation surged from $160K in 2021 to over $225K in 2023.

This surge in compensation aligns with the realization of the experience and skill set required to be a DevRel practitioner and the value DevRel brings to an organization.

Where in the World is DevRel?

The report also sheds light on the geographic distribution of DevRel professionals versus their company headquarters (see image below). While the US, especially Silicon Valley, hosts a significant chunk of tech companies (XX%), only 51.4% of DevRel practitioners reside in the US, with a mere 10.6% calling Silicon Valley home. It's an interesting mismatch that might influence compensation trends.

To see this chart and others - visit the report.

In its 2023 Developer Relations Compensation & Culture Report, Common Room offered a deep dive into the experiences of 136 DevRel professionals. Common Room's report aligns with the trends we've uncovered, providing additional insights into the nuances of DevRel careers.

Attracting Top Developer Talent: A DevRel Playbook for Hiring Managers

Now that we've decoded the numbers, what's the next step for ensuring fair compensation in Developer Relations? It's time to refine negotiation skills and recognize the unique value this role brings to an organization.

Here's a quick playbook:

Know Your Value: Understand the distinctive skill set DevRel professionals bring to the table, encompassing coding expertise, effective communication, and community-building prowess.

Research the Market: Equip yourself with insights from industry reports such as the State of DevRel. Be aware of the compensation benchmarks for similar roles.

Highlight Your Impact: Showcase how your DevRel work directly contributes to business objectives. Utilize data-driven evidence as a potent negotiating tool, emphasizing the tangible impact on organizational success.

Be Confident: Negotiation is a collaborative process. If the value of DevRel in your organization is evident, express that confidence in your discussions. Clearly articulate your needs and expectations.

The DevRel landscape is evolving, and so should the approach to compensation. Recognize the significance of DevRel in driving organizational success, and let fair compensation reflect the value of this special skill set.

Use the insights from industry reports, like our 10th Annual State of Developer Relations Report, as a guide to establishing equitable compensation in Developer Relations. After all, it's not just about the code; it's about the value DevRel professionals bring to the community and the lasting impact on the tech world!


Spotlight on our Sponsor:

Time to highlight our sponsor, Common Room. They provide essential tools for Developer Relations professionals, helping you understand your audience, measure program impact, collaborate effectively, and stay attuned to user sentiment.

Common Room automatically captures customer activity details and uses AI to detect sentiment, group content, and categorize conversations. Their comprehensive offerings go beyond traditional insights, providing real-time data to inform decisions and optimize Developer Relations efforts.

Thank you, Common Room, for contributing valuable resources to the DevRel community, supporting our collective knowledge and success.


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