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Developer Relations Workshops. 

Bring us in to lead facilitated workshops on important Developer Relations topics.


What is Developer Relations?


The practice of Developer Relations is still new; as such, you and your team may not have the skills and insight to build your program as fast as you or your stakeholders would like. Or perhaps your executive team is still trying to grasp what this 'DevRel' thing is, and why they should support it.

Developer Relations is an umbrella term that refers to a business strategy, a profession, a program, and a set of activities, all focused on interacting with Developer as a route to market.

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Some questions that you might be curious about include:


  • What is Developer Relations?

  • How do you market to developers?

  • How do you onboard developers?

  • How do you optimize the Developers’ Experience?

  • What metrics are applicable to DevRel?

  • How do we start a community?

  • How does Developer Relations deliver value to an organization?

Developer Relations is Unique.

There are many differentiators that make Developer Relations unique. Because of that, it requires a different approach to your marketing and product strategies. From understanding the target audience of developers, the way developers adopt products, to the ensuing revenue models.

Your own variables will also come into play as to how you operationalize your Developer Program, such as: 

  • What is the developer product you are supporting? 

  • Are you a Developer First or Developer Plus company? 

  • Do you report to Marketing, Product, the CEO, or elsewhere?

  • What is your target audience?

  • What goals have your stakeholders set?

  • What kind of support do you have?

A Business to Developer (B2D) or Developer-Led Growth (DLG) strategy is challenging. Success requires your team to be experts in their field, plus experts on the needs of developers. It also requires alignment with your stakeholders and good cross-functional collaboration in your organization.

Knowing what to do for your own program and your unique set of circumstances is the challenge.

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How we Work.

Our interactive Workshop format is designed to help both newcomers to Developer Relations and experienced practitioners focus to increase their effectiveness and business value.

Since 2010, we’ve run Developer Relations workshops on many topics, for companies of all sizes. The format is interactive and is designed to ensure your team: 


  • Gains a common understanding of Developer Relations - components, terms, benchmarks, and activities.

  • Aligns as a team and with your stakeholders on the value of Developer Relations.

  • Understands how to offer and manage the key components of Developer Relations - Developer Marketing, Developer Experience, Developer Education, Developer Success, and Community Management - even if they don’t fall under your direct purview.

  • Can create actionable strategies on key topics, like segmentation, personas, messaging, Developer Experience, and others.

  • Can define and set meaningful Developer Relations metrics.


Bring your team together at one of our workshops to learn and align.

Workshops Topics.

We offer a number of sessions to focus on the important parts of the Developer Relations Framework. It is ideal to undertake all of the sessions, but you may want to focus on one or two, depending on the stage of your program.

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What is 
Developer Relations?

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Developer Value Proposition

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Go to 
Market Strategy

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Developer Experience & The Developer Journey

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Setting up a Developer Relations Practice

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Our workshop topics have been designed to be complementary to each other. We offer them virtually and in person. You could purchase a single-topic workshop or opt for an intensive multi-day on-site to provide an in-depth grounding for your team. You might even consider setting up an internal Developer Relations Academy and purchasing multiple workshops. Discounted bundle pricing is available.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help elevate your Developer Relations program.

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Defining Meaningful DevRel Metrics

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How to attain
stakeholder alignment

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