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Technical Content.

From developer marketing messaging to technical blogs, documentation, tutorials, or videos, we can position your developer-focused content for success.


Why is Content Important to

Developer Relations?

Content production is the most significant deliverable Developer Relations teams are responsible for. Content spans the entire surface area of Developer Relations, but is most critical in Developer Marketing, Developer Education, and Developer Experience (DX). It’s no wonder that content production is where DevRel practitioners spend most of their time, according to the 2022 State of Developer Relations report.

Continuous content creation is also the biggest challenge for teams due to many variables. For instance, we see many marketing teams that need to become more familiar with the messages, types of content, and channels that will appeal to developers. We’ve seen developers forced to write blogs or technical documentation in addition to their already-busy workloads. That content rarely gets completed due to time limitations and often because they just don’t like writing.

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What are the Different Types of Developer Relations Content?


Developer content comes in many forms, but when we refer to technical content, Product Documentation is key.

Documentation, or “docs” for short, are the other half of DX, aside from your product. They are the technical details developers will review and use to evaluate and learn about your product and then build something with it.

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There are a variety of docs, such as quick-starts, tutorials, API references, and even code samples:

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Other types of content that a developer program may be responsible for are:

  • Blogs

  • White papers and eBooks

  • Written and video tutorials and other forms of Developer Education

  • Social, advertising, event copy, and other forms of Developer Marketing

  • Web site copy

How to Make Great Developer Content.


Producing great developer content, and an effective content strategy, requires attention to detail. It also demands a thorough understanding of your target audience of developers and the type of information they need and when. Ideally, someone on the Developer Relations team has built something with your product, so there is an understanding of how it works, its use cases, and any technical dependencies. 

Related Content:

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June 21st, 2022 | Developer Go To Market

Release content on a regular cadence. For efficiency and reach, make your content multi-purposed so it can be syndicated to other channels where your developers are, and for social networks.c

How we work.

We create all types of developer content and use a process that covers you from ideation to release:


  • Ideation

  • Initial briefs and topic overviews

  • Draft copy

  • Editorial reviews

  • Brand and legal reviews (as required)

Our support can span all phases of your content development for shorter projects or longer-term engagements, as follows:

Project based:
Our content development work may stem from Developer Experience friction discovered in your Developer Experience Audit. In those cases, we suggest a content architecture for your Documentation and rewrite or produce new content. In doing so, we follow best practices to ensure your team can self-maintain the content as and when you build out your resources.

Retainer based:
If you need ongoing support, you can hire us on a retainer basis to produce content. This usually includes a regular cadence of blogs, reviews and updates to your website and Docs, and special projects such as tutorial videos, white papers and ebooks, or marketing messaging for an event.

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Here are some examples of our work.

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Technical Blog & Case Study

Topic: IoT, Mobile



Topic: IoT, Embedded, HW, Communications

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Technical Blogs, Use Cases

Topic: AI, Machine Learning, ML

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Topic: AI, ML, frameworks


Ebook, Developer Guide

Topic: AR, Augmented Reality, XR

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Blog, Syndication

Topic: AI, ML, APIs

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