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The Importance of Great DX: In Conversation with Matt Woodward

Matt Woodward, a seasoned DevRel leader in the Web 3.0 space, joins James Parton, Co-Founder of Devrel.Agency, to discuss the importance of great Developer Experience (DX).

Matt started his career as a full-stack developer, and being entrepreneurial, he has also started several companies. Having been on the receiving end of DevRel as a Developer and CTO, he began his full-time career in DevRel via community contributions.

This conversation covers Matt’s career and experience. It also covers how being entrepreneurial and a founder helped Matt empathize with fellow founders and early employees of startups investigating new technologies. We then talk about the importance of great Developer Experience and why independent analysis and auditing of your DX is so powerful for your organization.

Do you need help with your Developer Experience?

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