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Our Methodology.

Our developers, marketing, and sales experts review and use your developer website, documentation, resources, and products. Just like your prospective users.

We work with you to define the test scenarios that typically entail building some type of
Hello World” proof of concept 
or similar foundational task, like encoding a video, moving cryptocurrency from one account to another, or invoking an API.

We configure the parameters of each scenario. This includes defining the testers' understanding of the problem space, the technologies, their level of awareness of your brand and products, and the questions they seek to answer on their journey as they move through your Developer Experience.

Take the first step.

​You can spend all the money in the world marketing to developers, tweeting, and sponsoring events to get attention. However if developers reach your site and you don't meet their Developer Experience expectations you will lose them, perhaps forever.

Book a no obligation meeting with us to discuss your Developer  Program. We will walk you through the content and structure of an example DEFT report and get to know your particular needs.

What you receive.

Our Developer Experience Friction Tool (DEFT) Report is typically around 80 pages and is packed with insights, prioritized recommendations, completed developer journey maps, and a full log of our observations. We host a live post-report Q&A session with you and your team, where we present our key findings and answer any questions you have.

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