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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

10th Annual State of Developer Relations Survey

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the State of Developer Relations Survey for 2023.

The survey is a critical tool that provides valuable insights into the current state of Developer Relations, including trends, challenges, and opportunities. As the practice of Developer Relations (DevRel) continues to evolve, it is essential to have accurate and up-to-date information to inform our collective strategies and decisions, and to tell the story of Developer Relations to stakeholders in a consistent and data-driven way.

Surveys are an important tool for raising awareness, providing data to benchmark against, giving a snapshot of the current state of the industry, and help to foster a sense of community and collaboration amongst Developer Relations professionals. The data can be used to identify trends, track progress over time, and identify areas for improvement. In today's fast-paced world, having accurate and relevant data is crucial to staying ahead of the curve and making informed decisions.

The 2023 Survey is now open, and takes about 20 minutes to complete, split into five parts:

  • Part I - The People of DevRel - About You.

  • Part II - The Companies of DevRel - About Your Company or Organization

  • Part III - The DevRel Programs - About Your DevRel program.

  • Part IV - DevRel Program Strategies, Challenges, and Tactics - About Your DevRel Program's activities.

  • Part V - DevRel The Practice - Your insights on our exciting practice.

The survey closes at noon on July 31, 2023 PST.

Our aspiration is for Developer Relations to be recognized as a driver of business value, and alongside the collective efforts of the wider Developer Relations Community, we strive for the profession to be elevated as a unique discipline. Ultimately, equal to engineering, product, sales, and marketing, led by a dedicated C level executive. The voice of the developer needs to be heard in modern companies.

The Survey includes:

  • Data on organizations that have DevRel

  • DevRel organizational reporting lines

  • Programs and team sizes

  • Communities

  • Budgets

  • Success metrics

  • Tools

  • Challenges

  • Demographics

  • Salaries

  • and more!

Developer Relations will benefit from better representation and stronger data. You can help by completing and promoting the survey - please spread the word with your colleagues and Developer Relations network, and we have prepared sample social media posts & graphics to make that easier for you.


Updated 19/07/23 - closing date changed to 31/07/23.


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