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DevRel.Agency, Bringing Everything Together.

You know how it feels when everything comes together?

Welcome to DevRel.Agency.

This is the backstory of how we got to this exciting point.

In late 2018, Caroline reflected on 12 years as the founder of Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP), having been one of the first to recognize the importance of developers in the mobile technology ecosystem. Caroline was passionate about sharing everything she had learned and observed about Developer Relations, having worked with hundreds of startups and many large corporations that shared the common goal of helping developers be successful.

By the fall of 2019, Caroline took a trip to Europe to catch up with friends. As part of that trip, she popped by The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, where James is the Managing Director.

Caroline and James’ friendship stretches back to the mid-2000s when they met for the first time in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. Caroline and WIP had started hosting developer activities outside the main venue. For those in the know, the meetings inside street cafes and pop-up events quickly became the place to meet the really interesting people, far away from the business suits in the main halls. This coincided perfectly with James launching a new Developer Program for O2, called O2 Litmus, which later evolved into a Telefonica-wide Developer Program called BlueVia.

Back to 2019 and two old friends catching up, Caroline shared her idea to write a book on DevRel and asked James if he would be interested in helping out. Coincidently, James had also been thinking about ways he might do something constructive with his DevRel experience. Thanks to some weird unexplainable cosmic alignment, he immediately said yes.

A Google doc was created on the 14th of January 2020, with Caroline and James dumping in ideas, and in just under two years of writing, Developer Relations - How To Build And Grow A Successful Developer Program was published by Apress in September 2021.

Both had no idea what the publication of the book would have in store for them. But, it is fair to say, the reaction to the book has been overwhelming. Most pleasing has been the DevRel community’s adoption and use of the frameworks and terminologies contained in the book.

Today, the mission remains the same - to increase the recognition of Developer Relations as a driver of business value, and for it to be seen as an equal to Engineering, Product, Marketing, and Sales.

To continue on that mission, the time was right for Caroline and James to formalize their work together and partner with other experts to elevate that mission.

Therefore we are excited to announce DevRel.Agency, which brings all of our work together under one consistent brand. Under this new brand, we’ll offer a growing range of services, which at launch include:

  • Developer Experience Audits - Let us audit and benchmark your existing Developer Experience to identify friction and provide actionable insights for your Developer Journey.

  • Technical Content - From strategic content direction to technical blogs, tutorials, or videos, we can set your content up for success.

  • Strategic Workshops - Book a facilitated workshop to help your team gain clarity and alignment.

  • Coaching & Advisory - Benefit from independent, honest, and confidential expert support as a one-off or on a regular schedule.

We are providing access to our tools, with more on the way:

And we are bringing together our research and insights:

  • The State of Developer Relations Report - We’ve been collecting data on the practice of Developer Relations for over a decade. Download the latest report, and watch for the next survey launching soon.

  • Our blog - Find articles, how-to guides, tips, and thought pieces from our team and guest writers. Subscribe to ensure you never miss an article.

Thank you for all your support over these past two years, and we look forward to the next stage of the journey with you all.

Caroline & James



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