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Decoding 2024 - Insights from Developer Relations Leaders

Get ahead in developer relations with insights from industry leaders like James Parton, Chiara Massironi, Lucy Jones, and Chris Traganos. Our speakers shared key predictions for 2024 at "Decoding 2024: Developer Relations Predictions" on January 18. Missed it? Here's what you need to know about the evolving landscape and the crucial takeaways. Meet Our Speakers

Moderator - James Parton James Parton, Co-Founder of DevRel.Agency and Managing Director of The Bradfield Centre, brings over 15 years of experience building vibrant technical communities. Recognized for co-authoring the book Developer Relations - How To Build And Grow A Successful Developer Program, James is a chartered marketer known for his unparalleled expertise in marketing to software developers and scaling tech businesses.

Chiara Massironi - Senior Director, Developer Network, Twilio Embarking on her DevRel journey in 2016, Chiara Massironi, Senior Director at Twilio, is a seasoned professional with a background as a startup evangelist at SendGrid. Leading Twilio's Developer Network, Chiara's multifaceted experience in Developer Evangelism, Education, and Enablement positions her as a leader in the field.

Chris Traganos - Head of Developer Evangelism, Amazon As the Head of Evangelism at Amazon, Chris Traganos engages global mobile app and game developers. With a rich history of building developer advocacy programs at Stripe, Evernote, and Roku, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the discussion.

Lucy Jones - Director, Lawson Brooke With over 10 years of executive recruitment experience, Lucy Jones, Director at Lawson|Brooke, focuses on placing top talent in Developer Relations globally. Her passion and expertise make her an invaluable addition to our panel.

Key Takeaways

Evolution of DevRel Roles

Chris Traganos: "Big tent developer relations reflects the maturity of the space, allowing for specialization and defined career ladders."

Chiara Massironi: "Changes in job titles reflect the maturity of the space, offering opportunities for specialization and defined career development frameworks."

Impact of Company Development Stage

Lucy Jones: "DevRel skill sets depend on the company's stage of development. The profession matures with more defined career ladders."

Salaries in DevRel

Lucy Jones: "Scarcity of talent drives increased DevRel salaries. Distinctions between US and European salaries are less pronounced."

Chris Traganos: "Salary trends depend on the company’s growth stage. Articulating roles better aligns with compensation."

Budget Challenges in DevRel

Chiara Massironi: "Flat budgets in larger organizations present opportunities to reassess and focus on new initiatives."

Chris Traganos: "Scarcity mindset benefits by focusing on fundamentals. Larger budgets don't always translate to more significant impact."

Lucy Jones: "Understanding the market landscape is crucial, adjusting strategies based on geographical data."

Watch the Full Event Video

Uncover more insights and trends by watching the full event recap video.

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