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DevRel Doc Talk: Documentation Anti-Patterns

A graphic for DevRel Doc Talk: Documentation Anti-Patterns

On April 18th, DevRel.Agency hosted a session titled DevRel Doc Talk: Documentation Anti-Patterns. Led by our Associates Dana Fujikawa and Steven Pousty, the event provided insights into overcoming common challenges in developer documentation.

Identifying the Pain Points

Dana Fujikawa outlined prevalent issues in documentation, including poor user experience, overloaded support teams, and prospect conversion issues. These challenges not only affect a company's reputation but also hinder the developer journey and impact conversion rates and budget allocations for technical documentation.

The Importance of Quality Documentation Steven Pousty emphasized the critical role of documentation as the interface for developers, citing surveys where developers consistently prioritize documentation when assessing a company's offerings.

Strategies for Improvement Both speakers advocated for formal processes and collaboration between technical writers and subject matter experts to ensure documentation meets a minimum quality standard. They cautioned against custom documentation systems, urging companies to focus on their core product and invest in off-the-shelf solutions that support the developer journey effectively.

Moving Forward Addressing documentation challenges requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders. By prioritizing quality, adopting best practices, and fostering collaboration, organizations can elevate their documentation standards and enhance the developer experience.

Watch the Event Video

Explore the Presentation Slides

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions from DevRel.Agency, where we continue to explore strategies and solutions for developer advocacy and documentation excellence. Do your Docs need some attention? Do you know where the friction exisits in your developer journey?  We can help with that. Reach out on email or book a meeting here.


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